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'They will kill you' | Jefferson County man has warning after video shows him confronting thief

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says, in the most recent incident, a homeowner confronted one of the thieves in his driveway, and the thieves shot at him.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to be on the lookout after an ongoing issue of vehicle thefts and stealing from vehicles by ‘bands of gun-wielding thieves.’

Friday, a homeowner confronted one of the thieves in his driveway. 

"I was stopping the threat because I didn't want that threat getting into my home and harming my children," the homeowner, Terry Logan, said.

As the thief was trying to get away, he fired three shots at the homeowner in the Summerfield Parkside Estates neighborhood. 

"The headrest caught the last shot that was coming my way," Logan said. 

Jefferson County Sheriff Dave Marshak says the thief is part of a coordinated group of criminals coming to Jefferson County from St. Louis and north St. Louis County to steal. He said there are two to three groups who've taken items from more than 40 vehicles since July. 

“What has historically been teenagers and drug addicts stealing from unlocked vehicles, has escalated to armed, coordinated and planned cooperatives that have counter-surveillance, and the willingness to shoot and attempt to kill homeowners simply wanting to protect their families and property,” said Sheriff Marshak.

Logan knows that all too well.

"They don't have any respect for human life. They will kill you," he said. 

The sheriff says they've identified people of interest, and they're increasing patrols.

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