ST. LOUIS COUNTY — A man was charged Wednesday in connection with an armed carjacking of a pregnant Amazon delivery truck driver.

Cory Johnson was charged in St. Louis County with resisting arrest by fleeing. The carjacking did not occur in the county, so they did not charge him with anything else.

Dejai Thomas says she was delivering packages to homes on North Newstead Avenue, when she saw a man hop into her truck. She says she tried to stop him by hanging onto the passenger door.

"He tried to bust a U-turn, and he did, but while I was holding onto the car,” she said.

Dejai's delivered for Amazon for 5 months. She's also 5 months pregnant. But her safety was the last thing she was worried about in that moment.

"I need my truck. I gotta finish my job. I have a job to do,” she said.

She put up a fight, but she says she finally had to stop when she got hurt.

“I was like 'Oh my God, he ran over my foot!'" she said.

Dajai knew something the carjacker didn’t.

"You're being tracked. And you're being watched by a camera in the truck,” she said.

Her supervisor could see exactly where he was.

After a pursuit, police put down spikes in his path in North St. Louis County, 20 miles from where the carjacking occurred, ending his ride and arresting him.

Dajai showed up with her supervisor a little later to check on the packages she wasn’t able to deliver.

“To make sure, no, he didn't steal anything from anybody. ‘Cause I know most of the customers over there would want their stuff. I know I would want mine,” she said.