CHESTERFIELD – Yesterday's tragic events started as a burglary call in a subdivision near the police station. Police were back in the Fox Pointe neighborhood today investigating, searching the woods and talking with neighbors.

5 On Your Side spoke with a homeowner in the subdivision about his encounter with Chad Klahs, the man who police said shot Officer O'Connor before turning the gun on himself. He did not wish to identify himself.

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"Definitely something we are not used to here," he said.

The homeowner said he was barbecuing on his back deck when he first saw Klahs.

"At the time I didn't know who he was, I didn't hear any sirens from police or anything like that. I just thought he was a stranger coming through my yard."

When he confronted Klahs, Klahs seemed startled and skittish.

"I started approaching him and he flipped over one of my chairs. He just kept backing up. He went in my neighbor’s yard and I told him he couldn't be in my neighbor’s yard and needed to go down to the road. He then went into the woods.”

He said Klahs told him he just got out of jail before he eventually he left.

That was when the homeowner called police.

"I came back inside and he didn't look like he was all there. He had a rip in his shirt so I said I'm going to call police. What I can gather it seems like the police were already looking for him because they were there in about 10 seconds.”

Not long after, Klahs was captured and Officer Ryan O’Connor was shot near the back of the head. The 44-year-old officer and remains in critical, but stable condition as of Wednesday morning.

"I was just really astonished that was the guy in my backyard. My family, our heart goes out to the police officer and his family. It's a terrible situation and my heart just goes out to his family."