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Man killed in car crash was robbed at the scene in Pine Lawn

The victim's family members want police and local leaders to make changes on Jennings Station Road to stop speeders.

PINE LAWN, Mo. — Gerald Fulton gets flashbacks looking at what's left behind from the crash on Jennings Station Road Sunday night.

"This shouldn't still look like this, and this still gives you a bad memory of your relative or the loved ones you lost, because you coming by and you see the same mess," Gerald Fulton said.

His cousin, Arthur Lamont Fulton, was hit while backing into his driveway.

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"As he was coming in a car was coming down, going 100 miles an hour, clipped him in the front. The car that hit him, stopped there and burst into flames and his car came from there all the way down to where the candles at to a dead stop," Gerald Fulton said.

"I almost had a panic attack, because I just didn't want it to be true,"

Marcus Fulton said his older brother was a father of four. He had three adult children and an almost 1-year-old girl.

"People needed money for things, he'd put the money up for it to help them. He did a lot of things for people that were in need. His good outweighed his bad by a million to one," Marcus Fulton said.

Fulton, who went by Lamont, died at the scene. What's even worse a passerby came up and stole the jewelry he was wearing.

"You robbing someone that is dying or had died, that makes no sense to me. If I come to a scene, I'm trying to help. So, to go in I mean he's lifeless, he's helpless and you go on robbing? That's crazy to me," Gerald Fulton said.

The North County Police Cooperative caught the jewelry thief, who is now charged with a class D felony and being held in the St. Louis Justice Center. 

Now, Fulton's loved ones and Pine Lawn United for Change are more focused on demanding local leaders and law enforcement to make that stretch of road safer.

"Most people driving up and down this street, 50-60 miles per hour. Some people driving even faster," Pine Lawn United for Change Vice President Maurice McGill said.

"When the Pine Lawn Police Department was here, it really wasn't that many accidents on this strip," Marcus Fulton said.

"This street should either become a one-way or you should have police everywhere because they speed down here," Gerald Fulton said.

The 28-year-old driver who crashed into Fulton was treated at Barnes Jewish Hospital and has been released. He is being charged with driving while intoxicated resulting in the death of another. 

Police were able to return the jewelry to Fulton's family.

Police told me they're aware of the dangerous speeding along Jennings Station Road and are collecting data to find a solution to slow drivers down.

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