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Man pistol-whipped by 11-year-old gives police evidence after days of trying

Konateh said he's been trying since Friday to give St. Louis police copies of two photos and paperwork he insists belong to a woman who carjacked him

ST. LOUIS — An immigrant who said he was pistol-whipped and carjacked by an 11-year-old boy and his mom said his case is finally moving, now that police have evidence he found in his recovered car.

Sylvester Konateh said he kept hitting a dead end with St. Louis detectives. Wednesday afternoon, he got some results and he's glad about it.

"My primary concern is justice," he said.

Konateh, 48, said he's been trying since Friday to give St. Louis police copies of two photos and paperwork he insists belong to a woman who carjacked him.

But Konateh said he hasn't had any luck with investigators.

"When I try to get in touch, I'm not getting with the right person,” he said. “They would transfer me."

"It's disappointing."

Konateh said on Sept. 21, the woman and her 11-year-old son first approached him at a gas station in south city, right after he got off work.

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Moments after the food delivery driver drove the strangers to north St. Louis, he said the boy repeatedly pistol-whipped him while the mom dragged him out of his car and carjacked him.

Sylvester said after he got his vehicle back on Friday, "in the trunk was a blue basket."

The basket contained photos, papers from the Missouri family support division and bills he said all belong to the suspected carjacker.

"There were a bunch of them,” he said. “The majority of them got soaked wet for some reason."

Right now, 5 On Your Side is not showing you the woman's face or revealing her name because police have not confirmed she is the wanted carjacker.

"I want her to be prosecuted in acccordance to the law."

Konateh's case has blown up on our YouTube channel, attracting more than 52,000 viewers as of Wednesday afternoon.

Then, late Wednesday afternoon, there was a break in the case.

"You got paperwork?" a police officer asked as Konateh handed over his evidence.

The frustrated driver called the north patrol division, then drove to the north side precinct with the photos and paperwork in hand and gave it all to a detective.

Konateh said his case is finally moving.

"I'm hoping that they should be able to do what they're responsible doing and making sure that the perpetrator again, is brought to justice," he said.

A police spokesperson said when Konateh went to the north patrol division yesterday he was denied entry into the building because the department's COVID regulations are still in place.

The spokesperson also said there was apparently some confusion surrounding a contact phone number that Konateh gave officers.

Konateh said officers "took fingerprints from his car." it’s unclear if officers searched the car.