EAST ST. LOUIS — An East St. Louis family is demanding answers after their son was gunned down almost four months ago and they said they’re upset because his killer is still roaming free.

On Thursday, dozens of family and friends organized a rally outside of the St. Clair County courthouse to promote justice for their son.

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Roosevelt Davis Sr. said his family has been waiting for months for an arrest to be made for their son's death, but now they hope taking matters into their own hands will help speed up the process.

“So far nothing has happened, and my son is in his grave and his killer is still out here, you know, just living happily," Davis said.

They hoped to speak with Illinois state attorney Brennan Kelly's office Thursday. Davis Sr. said they are seeking answers about where the case stands, and what progress is being made to arrest their son’s killer.

Earlier this year Roosevelt Davis Jr. was gunned down not far from his home in East St. Louis. It was caught on video by a nearby surveillance camera. After the incident, police found the car that was used in the shooting and they questioned the driver about what happened, but there was never an arrest made. Now the family is pleading for answers on when that status will change.

“Justice, you know. I need them to do their job," Davis Sr. said. They're telling us they know we know who did it, they know who did it, but nobody has been arrested. I want justice for my son's case I just can’t let it go free."

The rally was scheduled from 3 to 5 p.m. The family said they will continue letting their voices be heard until they receive justice for their son.

Illinois state attorney Brendan Kelly offered to talk with the family and he agreed it was a sad situation. However, he claims there is not a lot he can do because people who witnessed the shooting won’t come forward to speak out.