ST. LOUIS – A man, who was struck by a car while crossing a road in north St. Louis, passed away from his injuries early Friday morning, police said.

Investigators said the man in his 40s was attempting to cross North Florissant Avenue around 6 p.m. when he was struck by an oncoming driver. The driver of that vehicle never pulled over, which left the man lying in the middle of the road with significant injuries.

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There’s no word yet if investigators have determined who was behind the wheel.

Keith Lolton Sr. said he saw it all happen.

“The shoes were over here, he was over there. And someone put a leopard striped blanket on him so he wouldn’t get cold,” said Lolton.

Officers haven’t identified the victim, but Keith believes he lives nearby.

“I normally see him around the neighborhood,” he said.

Lolton said he saw the driver speed off without hesitation.

“At least pull over and make sure the guy’s OK,” said Lolton. “People don’t have any regard for human life.”

Fred Allen lives only two blocks away from the dangerous intersection.

“It’s dangerous crossing there, if you’re a pedestrian, you need to be watching, you really need to be watching down here,” said Allen.

He said, this is the latest example of why the city needs to make improvements to the intersection.

“It’s not bright enough down here, especially once the sun goes down,” he said

In addition to lighting, Fred wants to see a crosswalk for pedestrians and something – really anything – to get drivers to slow down.

“We’re thinking about speed bumps down through here on 20th Street to try to slow them down before they get to this end. I don’t know what they can do about the main street out here,” said Allen.

This story will be updated.