ST. LOUIS - Some are calling it the 'Hayden triangle.'

St. Louis' new police chief John Hayden said he's focusing on part of the city where most of violent crime is occurring.

The area is a rough triangle bordered by Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, Goodfellow Boulevard, West Florissant Avenue and Vandeventer Avenue

The chief wants more officers in that area focusing on violent crime and open drug dealing. Inside that area is one of St. Louis' most historic neighborhoods - The Ville.

Michael Burns grew up in the area and he's come back to for his second career with Northside Community Housing. He wants to restore the neighborhood to what he remembers as a child.

He welcomes an increased police presence if it comes to more community engagement.

"Numbers alone is not the answer," said Burns who works to bring housing and job training to the neighborhood. "People don't really trust the police. There's definitely going to be a need for some relationship building."

"I believe 100 percent that our effort, both the police department as well as community partners, that we're at a turning point in St. Louis," said Chief Hayden who points out the area of extra enforcement some are calling the "Hayden triangle" is more like a rectangle.

He also said if the strategy merely displaces crime his officers will follow it and the area of extra patrols could shift as needed.