DES PERES, Mo. — An off-duty police officer fired a shot at two suspected shoplifters in the West County Center mall garage.

According to the Des Peres Police Department, a call came in at 12:43 p.m. Tuesday for the report of two people shoplifting from a store and assaulting a store manager inside the mall. An off-duty officer from another jurisdiction witnessed the theft and assault and tried to stop the shoplifters.

The off-duty officer announced he was a member of law enforcement and demanded the suspects to stop, but they continued running into the west parking garage. The officer chased the suspects through the garage.

The suspects got into a small black passenger car, started it and suddenly accelerated.

At that time, the off-duty officer fired one shot towards the car. The suspects drove off, hitting a parked car that was near the officer.

There are no reported injuries to the off-duty officer or the suspects, who got away from the scene. The mall wasn't evacuated.

The Des Peres Police Department has not said which jurisdiction the officer is employed with.

The incident remains under investigation by the Des Peres Detective Bureau. Anyone with information on this incident or for media inquiries please call 314-835-6200.

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