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St. Louis brother demands change after sister is killed in a string of shootings

"My intention is to use this moment to try to speak to something that is very seriously wrong," Tyler Manisco tells 5 On Your Side.

ST. LOUIS — A brother is demanding change after his sister was shot and killed in front of their home.      

The 26-year-old woman, Tori Manisco was shot in south St. Louis. She was one of three victims in a string of shootings last week.

Police say the suspected 18-year-old shooter, Prinshun McClain, had little to no ties to his victims.

"My intention is to use this moment to try to speak that is very seriously wrong," Tyler tells 5 On Your Side. 

Tyler describes his sister as private and shy.

Yet, Tori expressed herself in theater, blossoming on stage.

She also spoke up for social justice issues, too.

"Speaking up to people being harassed in public, racist speech, or misogynistic speech in public and she very passionate about that," he says.

Credit: Tyler Manisco

The siblings lived together, so she vocalized to him the troubles she faced taking the bus.

"She took the bus to work since she didn't have a car and she was a decade-long user of public transportation. She was very proud of being knowledgeable of the system. She was very proud of that skill and that was used against her. On a daily basis, she was uncomfortable and made uncomfortable by men giving her attention that she didn't want; about negative attention based on her Asian race, based on her being a woman," he says. 

Over a week ago, police found Tori on the front porch of their home in South city.

Not even a few hours later, a mom and daughter were killed.

Prinshun McClain was arrested, as a suspect for all three crimes.

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Tyler says she was followed and killed. 

"That basic invasion of her privacy, while she’s just trying to mind her own business in public, seems to be what got her killed. We don't know the specifics yet but it seems to be just her being a woman existing in public seems to but what caused her to lose her life and that's abominable," Tyler explains. 

Now, he's using his voice to advocate for his sister and other women facing violence.

He adds, "What I want attention to is that we as men we don't consider that. That we'll be followed home on our way home from work, that we are unsafe on public transportation."

He urges everyone to do their part.

"If we all kind of foster that sense of community of looking out for each other. Watching out for the basic security and respect of other people around us is critical," Tyler explains. 

He has a message hoping to prevent others from facing this. 

Tyler wants everyone to know, if you see something wrong or know something is wrong speak up.

"If you see a family member have these kinds of tendencies, these conversations need to be happening. It's a shame that wasn't done in this case," Tyler tells 5 On Your Side. 

Tyler says if you'd like to help right now, you can give charitable donations to Crossroad College Prep Theater, click here

He explains that's where her career truly blossomed. 

If you crisis intervention, you can contact the Safe Connections Helpline at 314-531-2003 or Behavioral Health Response at 314-469-6644.

Resources for crime victims:

If you have been a victim of a crime or know someone who has been, 5 On Your Side has compiled a list of resources.

Better Family Life is a nonprofit community development organization working to “stabilize inner-city neighborhoods.” One aspect of its mission is a gun violence de-escalation program.

To learn more, call 314-381-8200 or visit https://www.betterfamilylife.org/

Life Outside of Violence “helps those harmed by stabbing, gunshot or assault receive the treatment, support and resources they need to find alternatives to end the cycle of violence.”

To learn more, call 314-327-6697 or email: ProjectLOV@WUSTL.edu

The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis has an anti-crime program called “Safety Net for Youth Initiative,” which is a joint partnership between and Saint Louis Public Schools to provide services to at-risk youth.

To learn more, visit https://www.ulstl.com/anti-crime-initiative.html

Cure Violence is an international organization that has recently launched in a handful of St. Louis neighborhoods. Violence interrupters are trained to deescalate violent situations within their own communities. To learn more, visit https://cvg.org/