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Police: St. Louis mom turns in 13-year-old son for suspected carjacking pastor at gunpoint

The teenager had a court hearing Wednesday, and Pastor Mike Coleman was on the call. He said he was called to speak up during the hearing.

ST. LOUIS — Wednesday morning, a 13-year-old boy had a court hearing after being accused of pointing a gun at a pastor's face and stealing his car in south St. Louis.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said it was the teenager's mother who turned him in. 

This is after Pastor Mike Coleman, of the Cardonelet Baptist Church, said two teens carjacked him at gunpoint.

"It was his mother becoming aware of the event and questioning her son and turning him over to the juvenile courts for prosecution," Captain Donnell Moore with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said. "Investigators are still working to find the second suspect."

Pastor Mike Coleman logged into his computer Wednesday morning, after receiving a link to sit in at the court hearing. 

"It was surreal," Coleman said when he saw the 13-year-old on the Webex camera.

Surveillance footage at Carondelet Baptist Church Friday night shows two people running up to Coleman in his car.

Coleman said that's when the duo put a gun in his face and demanded he get out.

During that process, Coleman explained, the two teens seemed as if they did not know how to operate the car and even asked for his help.

After giving them instructions, police said their escape was short. They got just a few feet before slamming into two cars, ditchimg the victim's car and running off.

"It's important to prosecute not out of meanness or ugliness, but turning a life around," Coleman said. 

Pastor Coleman said he was called to speak up during the hearing on Wednesday.

"I told them I am praying for these kids," he said. 

He also said that the teen's family was there, saying they were concerned for the boy. 

While Coleman seeks forgiveness, he said he also believes in accountability.

"I can move forward knowing that this can stop someone else from doing this and help the individuals who made a mistake. I just want someone to know what they did was so horrific that they won't do it again," Coleman told 5 On Your Side. 

For now, the teen will stay in custody and Coleman said he has faith on the path forward.

"I'm blessed. It's actually made me a little more positive because I've been spared and able to serve. This goes so much farther than one night in a parking lot. We have an opportunity for the ripples of this and change the tide to really help our community," Coleman noted. 

There will be another hearing for the teen on Feb. 14.

As far as crimes related to juveniles, St. Louis police tell 5 On Your Side they have a task force investigating carjackings by juveniles and they're working with the city's violence prevention department to find more solutions.

As of the month of January, police report there were 14 reported carjackings in the city:

  • 1/1/2023
  • 1/7/2023
  • 1/20/2023
  • 1/22/2023
  • 1/23/2023-(4 incidents)
  • 1/25/2023-(2 incidents)
  • 1/27/2023
  • 1/28/2023-(2 incidents)
  • 1/31/2023

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