WENTZVILLE, Mo. – A teen, his friend and his girlfriend all admitted to devising a plan to kidnap the girl's ex and force him to confess to raping her.

Nathan B. Meurer and Jared A. Pinkley, both 17, were charged as adults with robbery and kidnapping in connection with the April 20 incident.

According to charging documents, Meurer and his friend Pinkley started devising a plan last week after Meurer's girlfriend told him she was raped during a sexual encounter with her ex-boyfriend. The teens planned to lure the ex-boyfriend into the woods, chain him up and force him to admit to the alleged rape.

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The charging documents said the girl convinced her ex that she was sorry for accusing him and that she wanted to meet him in the woods to have sex again.

On Friday, Pinkley drove to Wright City to pick up the victim and brought him to Heritage Elementary School in Wentzville, where he met with the girl.

Pinkley then went to pick up Meurer and get in position in the woods behind Holt High School. The girl led the victim to the spot in the woods where a blanket and chairs were set up.

She pretended to get a call from her dad and left, at which time Meurer and Pinkley, both dressed in black and wearing ski masks and white bandanas, walked up to the victim. They restrained the man with a chain, but he was able to shake it off, so Meurer pulled out what the victim thought was a gun.

He pointed it at the victim's head and chest and said there was a bounty on the victim's head for raping the girl. The victim said the encounter was consensual and pleaded with the men.

The victim said the men then took money from his wallet before letting him leave.

Charging documents said police found a car matching the victim's description in front of Pinkley's home during their investigation. Police talked to Pinkley, who said that was his car, and that Meurer and his girlfriend were at the house.

When police got a search warrant, they found the gun — which they discovered was a BB gun — some cell phones and a bed sheet matching the ones at the scene, charging documents said. They also found the clothes worn during the crime burned nearby.

Police said all three admitted to the plot but did not appear to be sorry about the incident.

Meurer and Pinkley were both charged as adults with first-degree robbery, first-degree kidnapping and tampering with evidence. The girl was not charged as an adult.