ST. LOUIS — The Washington University medical school security team sent a warning to students and employees after three separate, off-campus robberies in the last few months.

According to a security memo emailed to students and employees, two students and two employees were robbed in three different incidents along Chouteau Avenue since July 26.

On July 26, two med school community members were at the door of their home near the intersection of Chouteau and Taylor when they were knocked to the ground from behind by two men. The men stole their bags and ran off.

On Oct. 1, a med school student was talking on his phone outside his apartment in the same area when a man ran up to him and pointed a handgun at him. The man demanded the student's phone and bag, and the student did. The man searched the bag and found no valuables, so he returned the student's phone and bag before running off.

The most recent incident happened on Wednesday. A med school student was walking on South Taylor Avenue near Chouteau when two teens ran up behind her and pointed a gun at her. She handed over her purse and the two teens ran off.

The memo said they did not know if the incidents were related.

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