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Woman feared for her life in south city carjacking

"If you do not comply, I truly feel like he would have shot me," she said.

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis woman feared for her life when she became the latest victim of a carjacking in the city.

The woman talked to 5 On Your Side, but was so shaken, she wanted to keep her name private and didn’t want to show her face. She said she felt like she was an easy target.

The woman was coming home from a long day. She ran errands and stopped to grab food. She said she was walking into her home with her arms full of bags when a man pointed a gun at her face.

“As soon as he opened up his door and jump out, his gun was out the door before he was,” she said.

He stole her purse, keys and car.

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This happened shortly after midnight in south city near Louisiana and Walsh.

The woman, who’s 28 years old, said she lives with her family and doesn’t worry about things like this in her neighborhood.

“It’s sad to say, what do you have to do? Have somebody with you at all times?” she said.

She said a car drove up from the opposite direction next to her. The person who robbed her got out of the passenger side. Once he had the keys, he followed that car with her 2018 black Nissan Rogue away from the scene.

“It seemed like it was something they set up to do, somebody is driving and people are jumping out of the backs and they will snatch your car. And if you do not comply, I truly feel like he would have shot me,” she said.

St. Louis police are investigating. 

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