ST. LOUIS — A man who drives for a living jumped into action early Friday morning after a truck swiped his vehicle.

That man said he chased the erratic driver and recorded the chaos on his car's dashcam and called police.

The video shows the man, who wants to only be identified as Thomas, following the person, who was driving a pickup truck. The other driver then drives in and out the of the lanes and at one point even drives off the street. 

"When I'm in the city, I try to maintain a decency of driving," Thomas said. 

In Thomas' three years driving on the roads of St. Louis, he's seen it all. 

"You see it all the time. Drivers swerving across two three lanes across the road," he said. 

Thomas drives for a living, and early Friday morning he said he picked up some customers near the Lumiere Hotel and Casino, but as he was driving to get onto I-70 to take them home something unexpected happened. 

"Another vehicle pulled out of the left lane and swiped my car," he said. 

He said the pickup truck then quickly drove away and started driving erratically. 

"He ran up a couple of curbs trying to get away and on to 70," Thomas said.

With customers in his car, Thomas started to follow the driver onto I-70 westbound and then onto a service road next to the interstate. 

"I followed him trying to get as close to him as I could trying to get the dash camera on the back of his vehicle so I could get his plate," he said. 

Still behind the driver, Thomas dialed police to tell them about the hit-and-run, but he said the dispatcher told him to back off.

"If you're chasing them. We're not going to send anybody out. It's dangerous," The dispatcher told Thomas.

Thomas eventually stopped following the driver in north city, but it concerned him knowing that person might hurt others.

"They could've hit somebody at a pedestrian crossing. He could of hit somebody dead on," Thomas said. 

Thomas also questioned the dispatcher's actions and how she could let an erratic driver go free.

"It just gets frustrating. Somebody like that shouldn't be on the road in my opinion," he said. 

Late Friday night, 5 On Your Side reached out to the police department about the hit-and-run. 

We're working to learn more about the department's policies when it comes to incidents like this.