With a totality of 2 minutes and 41 seconds, St. Clair, Missouri, had one of the longest eclipses. Fanatics came from near and far to experience Monday's total eclipse.

Madison, Wisconsin, high schooler Brandon Grazioso decided 10 years ago he wanted to come to Missouri to see the eclipse.

"I just couldn't miss this for the world," he said.

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Grazioso traveled with his grandfather to St. Clair and he couldn't wait for the big event.

"Something magical happens and you just can't explain it," said Grazioso, "and I expect to be moved by this moment. I'm ecstatic."

St. Clair resident Nate Sullentrup hosted an eclipse pool party for his family, including his brother Bob who was all set to watch his third eclipse.

"There was a little bit of cloud cover but that really didn't bother us much, so this was a spectacular eclipse," said Bob Sullentrup.

"It was amazing," said Gretchen McCarty, the sister of Bob and Nate. "Oh, my goodness, yes it absolutely lived up to all my expectations.

Eleven-year-old Michael Sullentrup knew he was watching something special.

"You might never see it again," said Michael, "and you usually have to travel around to see them."