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2 new members elected to Rockwood School Board

The conservative backed candidates come after growing concerns over conversations about race, sexuality and pandemic protocols.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Two conservative-backed school board members will look to add different ideas to the Rockwood School District after they were elected Tuesday night.

Concerns over pandemic protocols, conversations about race and questions about how sexuality is incorporated into the curriculum has sparked change on school boards across the nation.

Izzy Imig and Jessica Clark will be the two new faces on the Rockwood School Board.

“I think having a fresh perspective in any arena is great,” Clark said. “We talk about diversity a lot, that's diversity of perspective, background and ideas.”

Clark said she was an underdog: jumped into the race late, raised the least amount of money and has only lived in the district for a couple of years. During her campaign, she said she was motivated because she wants Rockwood Schools to “stick to academics”. She said conversations about social issues, specifically about sexuality should take place at home.

“As far as values, morals, social issues, when we talk about sexuality, things of that nature; I believe that is something for the parents to do,” Clark said. “We have a diverse community, we all have different socio-economic backgrounds, religious backgrounds. All our beliefs on that are different and that's to be done in the home. Stick to academics.”

Clark, a mother of four, acknowledges the fractures in the district and hopes to be a bridge to make sure all values and ideas are heard. Lindsay Poepsel has two students in the district and is the Eureka Elementary PTO co-president.  

"I hope the leaders that are elected are there to both listen and provide their prospective,” Poepsel said. “I think it’s always important to have a balanced viewpoint and opinions from varying backgrounds and thoughts.”

Poepsel wants her children’s education to incorporate hard-hitting social issues.  

“I can say the world is changing,” Poepsel said. “I want my children to be informed. I want them to understand everyone is different and just because someone isn't like them.”

Although there are philosophical divides within the district, these two parents want the same thing at the end of the day.

“We want our children to get the best education possible," Poepsel said.

The two women are looking forward to the conversations and work needed to make sure Rockwood Schools remains a great place to learn.

Izzy Imig provided the following statement:

“I am totally amped for this opportunity to represent the students, families and teachers on the Rockwood Board of Education,” Imig said. “I’m very thankful for the outpouring of support I’ve received on election day. I’m a translator, I listen.
I was a translator for the US Army in Iraq. I was their voice.
I promise to mindfully consider all stakeholders’ (students, parents, taxpayers, teachers, administration, and staff) interests to make our public schools competitive and compassionate.”

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