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'Man, that’s going to be a beautiful moment' | High school seniors get candid about COVID-19, virtual learning

5 On Your Side spoke with four incoming senior student-athletes from the Parkway School District. The world has been turned upside down for them

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Schools are back in session throughout the St. Louis area. Some students have choices for how they return to class, from all virtual to hybrid to all in-person.

5 On Your Side spoke with four incoming senior student-athletes from the Parkway School District. The world has been turned upside down for them.

“Crazy is just like the new normal basically, and it’s just kinda I guess just how things are,” said Logan Liguore.

“Sometimes it feels like the days are repeating each other,” added Jordan Tate.

But Morgan Sprague believes there are benefits to going through the tough times.

“I think of it as a great learning opportunity for us to help prepare for things in the future, whether that’s everything going back to normal or everything staying the way it is,” she said.

“It’s helping us mentally. So, we’re like prepared for harder situations that we have to go through in the real world,” Jordan explained.

One of the biggest challenges that they face is virtual learning.

“I think the hard thing about doing school online is that basically there’s a complete loss of motivation,” Logan told 5 On Your Side.

Jailyn Jones expressed his opinion, “basically just homework all day and it’s just kind of lame.”

They’re also seeing challenges in the world around us that has them concerned.

“How we can all stay together as one,” Jordan wondered.

“You have to pick a side now. You’re either this or you’re that. There’s no in between,” Jailyn said.

“If you find out you disagree, then all of a sudden there’s all like these problems and you’re losing friendships,” said Logan.

While there are levels of disappointment and frustration in the group, but they’re also hopeful.

“Just honestly getting through this, you know I hope and look forward to the day when all of this is over and we can look back and be like, ‘Oh remember 2020 when all this was going on and we got through it together?’” said Morgan.

They’ve also gained some appreciation for the little things in life, like their family and friends.

“Can’t take it for granted anymore because it could be taken away from you just like that,” said Jordan.

“It really makes me cherish and miss those days of when I could go up and hug them or like show my love to them,” added Morgan.

And they can’t wait for the day they can reunite with their buddies.

“I think it is going to be quite the emotional event. I think that now we all sort of know what it’s like to lose a few things,” said Logan.

“Man, that’s going to be a beautiful moment, I swear. I’m going to hold everyone close to me,” said Jailyn.

The Parkway schools are back in session on Monday, Aug. 24 with virtual learning.