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Lutheran South holds 'senior skip day' at Raising Cane's

“I imagined my senior skip day hanging out at home or hanging out with friends going somewhere you know, not at all like this,” said senior Kelsey Berner

KIRKWOOD, Mo. — When customers pulled up to the Raising Cane’s in Kirkwood Monday, they saw more than drinks and chicken going out the window.

That got to witness Lutheran High School South’s senior skip day.  

“I imagined my senior skip day hanging out at home or hanging out with friends going somewhere you know, not at all like this,” said senior Kelsey Berner.

Instead of getting to leave school a period or two early, Berner and the rest of her classmates were treated to a free meal.

“You know, it’s not so much about the chicken, as it is the connection we have with the kids,” said principal Jonathan Butterfield. “This is our second or third event where we invited the kids somewhere we could wave to them, say hi to them and give something that can just keep the relationship going.”

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Butterfield said the faculty has jumped at every opportunity they’ve had to make things normal again for their seniors, and when the idea came about to host a skip day, they jumped right on it.

“Traditionally, seniors get a senior skip day, so we’re trying to keep things as normal as we can and we love our kids, we miss our kids and this is just another way we can stay connected,” he said.

While it wasn’t what some seniors had in mind, this gesture by the faculty was more than they could ask for.

“When I first heard we weren’t going back to school I was like, 'Oh wow, okay, missing some of the great parts about senior year, but this gives me part of that back now,” said Berner.

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The seniors knew the staff didn’t have to do this, but it just proves how close of a community they are at South said, Berner.  

“I appreciate it so much, I mean it just shows how much they truly care for us. I mean, they always say they care and love us so much, but this I think really shows that,” she said.

As Berner and Butterfield described, Lutheran High School South is one big family, and no one wanted to miss out on this reunion.

“This last little chance at like a goodbye or seeing them again kind of just makes me feel really good,” Berner said. 

“They’re just great kids, of course, they’ll be remembered as the corona class right, class of 2020, but we built some pretty special relationships with these families,” Butterfield said.

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The next step for them is figuring out when they can hold an in-person graduation ceremony. Butterfield said they have three dates blocked out as of now and are looking at all possibilities.

“We’re working really hard to try to somehow and someway, no matter how long it takes to do graduation in person,” he said. “Talking about a drive-in convocation where they can stay in their cars and we can hold something similar to what we have in the past. You know, this is another safe way we can mask up and they can keep their windows up and wave and say hi because we’re going to miss them you know, they’ll be gone here and in a matter of a few days.”