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St. Louis County school districts release reopening plans

Districts are offering online learning or modified in-person instruction schedules
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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — School districts within St. Louis County started releasing their plans Monday to reopen for the upcoming school year.

Below are the schools that have released their plans. This list will be updated as more districts share their plans.


Starting Monday, families in the Affton School District can begin selecting their learning options for the upcoming school year, which include in-person, online or "online plus."

However, the district said it has not made a "definitive" decision on how the school year will begin for families who choose in-person instruction. The district is still weighing three learning options: on-site, "fixed blended" and distance.

For more information on the Affton School District's plans, click here.


Families will have a choice between traditional on-campus learning and full-time distance learning. Families will soon receive a form to indicate their choice for the upcoming semester.

Students in all grade levels kindergarten through 12th grade will be required to wear masks when physical distancing is not possible or if otherwise directed by a staff member. A traditional five-day-per-week schedule will be the "predominant instructional model," according to an email the district sent to parents. However, the district cautioned that school closures will likely occur.

For more information on the Brentwood School District's plan, click here.

Hancock Place

The Hancock Place School District has developed different plans based on grade levels. 

Elementary school students will be taught core classes by their homeroom teacher in their classroom with reduced class sizes to accommodate social distancing. Typical class sizes have been reduced to meet social distancing, according to information sent to parents.

Middle school students will remain in one classroom. Teachers for core classes and intervention and enrichment will rotate to each room.

High school students will participate in a full schedule of classes arranged for social distancing.

The district is requiring students in fourth grade and above to wear face coverings.

For more information on the Hancock Place School District's plans, click here.


The Ladue School District's Return to Learn plan has three tiers. According to the communication that the district sent to parents, not every grade level may be on the same tier at the same time. And, the district may have to shift from tier to tier throughout the school year.

  • Tier 1: a full return to school for students with additional safety measures in place
  • Tier 2: students would be split into two groups and attend school on alternating days with a combination of in-person and online learning.
  • Tier 3: a full return to distance or "e-learning"

For more information on the Ladue School District's plans, click here.


The district has prepared the following learning models:

  • All students, every day modified in-person learning
  • All students blended learning
  • All students online learning
  • Opt-in for online learning for an entire semester or school year

For more information on the Kirkwood School District's plans, click here.

Maplewood-Richmond Heights

There are three likely scenarios the district is preparing for. No final decisions have been made as of July 20.

  1. Students attend in-person for their entire schedule
  2. Students attend in a blended educational environment with some at-school attendance and some virtual components
  3. Students participate in full distance learning in case of a school or district closure.

For more information on the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District's plans, click here.


The Mehlville School District is giving families two options: on-campus learning or all virtual learning through its newly-launched "Mehlville@Home" curriculum.

On-campus instruction will have three different plans:

Plan A: would include in-person instruction on campus at all 19 school buildings and there would be procedures in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Plan B: on any given day, half of the student body will attend school on campus and half will learn at home. New curriculum would be taught and family groups would attend school on the same days. 

Plan C: Students will connect online with their teachers on a defined schedule. New curriculum will be taught and students will be assessed as though they are in person.

For more information on the Mehlville School District's plan, click here.


The Normandy Schools Collaborative is establishing two priorities, one for in-person schooling, and one for remote learning.

The return to school plan will focus on priority one, or in-person schooling, as the ideal situation.

In priority one, students will be able to return to school where there would be increased distancing, increased sanitation, masks and other protective equipment would be the norm and changed and updated procedures for staff and student activities would be implemented.

Priority two in the return to school plan, or remote learning, will be implemented "if external factors require it".

In priority two, the collaborative said it will learn from previous remote learning efforts, improve student capacity in using devices/Chromebooks and online tools, improve teacher and staff capacity for teaching remotely and will ensure adequate devices and WiFi hot spots for students.

The collaborative said the focus on priority one was influenced by family and staff surveys, a family input session, a needs assessment, weighing approaches from other districts and guidance from health and other agencies.

"Like other districts, NSC will be prepared to proceed with both in-person and remote learning, based on what is needed at the time. NSC leadership will continue regular meetings with parents and families to gather their input," the collaborative said. "NSC Communications staff will update the Return to Learn 2020-21 web site frequently. As a community, it will be important to understand the need to prepare for pivots based on changing circumstances. Despite the changing circumstances, NSC is committed to giving families as much notice as possible on the format for student learning on the first day of school."

You can read the Normandy Schools Collaborative's entire return to school plan here.


The Pattonville School District is giving families two options to begin the first semester: 100% virtual learning or in-person learning with three different phases that can be adjusted depending on the situation.

In-person instruction has three different phases. As of Monday, the district said it plans to begin in Phase 2.

  • Phase 1: Students attending school five days a week;
  • Phase 2: A blended model designed for students to attend in-person learning two days a week and receive virtual instruction one day a week, thereby reducing the number of students in school by approximately half each day
  • Phase 3: 100% virtual learning for all students.

For more information on the Pattonville School District's plan, click here.


The Rockwood School District plan is giving families two options: an online, at-home education or a reduced capacity option with in-person learning two days a week.  

For more details on the Rockwood School District's plans, click here.

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St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said Monday that he encourages families to choose virtual learning whenever possible.

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