WENTZVILLE, Mo. — The Wentzville School District is looking to change the way they draw up the district maps which means some communities could be forced to change schools.

Wentzville is one of the fastest-growing districts in the state. According to administrators, 17,370 students are currently enrolled. That makes it Missouri’s ninth-largest school district.

“It’s amazing what’s happened in terms of growth,” said Dr. Curtis Cain, Superintendent for Wentzville School District.

That growth has caused some schools to be overcrowded and Cain said that’s a concern.

In 2018, voters passed Proposition E which allowed the district to borrow money to build a new elementary and high school. The elementary school is scheduled to open next fall and the high school should be open by 2021. When they open, some students will have to switch schools to fill the new building. Currently, there are three different proposals to change the district’s map.

Keith Nuerenberger’s son is a sophomore at Timberland High School. Their community could be subject to change if the proposals are voted through by the School Board.

He said he has a message for school administrators: “Try picking a scenario that has the least amount of change for the kids, because kids that age are going through a lot.”

Cain said parents will be able to take tours of the schools and the district will hold events so families and students can meet each other before they attend a new school.

“I want everyone to take a breath and understand we are going to see change in the district. We’re going to work our way through it,” Cain said.

Parents and students are encouraged to fill out a survey, on the district’s website to voice their concerns.

There will be a meeting Monday, Sept. 23 from 4 to 6 p.m. at South Middle School. Anyone with concerns is encouraged to attend.

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