FLORISSANT, Mo. — Wanting to go to college is a dream for many high school students, but for some kids at McCluer High School, it can feel like an unreachable goal.

“I feel like being a teacher in this particular school requires a more relational more caring more one on one approach,” said Mrs. Sarah Windstead, a science teacher at McCluer High School.

Mrs. Windstead said that’s why her science classroom isn’t just teaching, it’s for inspiring.

“I love having an impact on students’ lives,” said Mrs. Windstead.

Many of her students come from poor families and don’t get the support they need at home. That’s why Mrs. Windstead said she goes the extra mile to make sure her students have support inside and outside the classroom.

McCluer High School 9th grader, Michael Hopkins, said she’s not like any other teacher. “She’s always boosting me up to work harder so I can achieve that goal,” said Hopkins.

Ja’Von Roberts, another 9th grader, agreed.

“You know how a mom guides you to do the right thing, she does the same,” said Roberts.

Just like a mom, Mrs. Windstead gives her students snacks, extra pens and papers. She bought all of those supplies with her own money.

“I feel like when students can feel a little at home in my classroom, that they’re going to perform better,” she said.

Mrs. Windstead said she spent $500 over the summer buying supplies for her students. However, she still wishes she could do more.

“Having access to computers on a regular basis would take that to the next level,” she said.

That’s when we stepped in and bought two chrome books. Mrs. Windstead was overcome with emotional and extremely grateful.

Mrs. Windstead said, “I’m absolutely floored and stunned. I’m super excited though because I love using technology in the classroom and I love the idea of being able to do more with that with my students.”