GRANITE CITY, Ill. -- St. Louis rolled out the red carpet Sunday for its newest movie star as his debut film opened to the public.

Movie star Peyton Crump wrote and starred in the locally produced film, and attended its premiere at the Marcus Des Peres Cine after rolling up on waiting fans and paparazzi in a white, stretch limo.

The movie is actually a short film produced by local production company Coolfire on behalf of Make-A-Wish Foundation for Missouri, for Crump. Last year, Make-A-Wish approached Coolfire about a wish they received from Peyton.

His wish was to star in his own sci-fi action adventure film alongside a trusty droid. He came up with the story and after several months of planning, a lot of people donated time and a long weekend of filming to make the movie.

“It’s been a good experience. I’m impressed with everyone here," said Peyton's father Steve Crump. "I’m impressed with my son. I’m so proud of him. He’s my hero today.”

Crump starred with his sidekick — his dog Luke — as well as several other characters.

“We needed this ray of sunshine, glimmer of hope," said Lindsay Grove, with Coolfire Studios. "To see this community come together and it’s all for Peyton. It’s so heartwarming and enlightening and it couldn’t have come together at a better time."

You can watch the film here:

See how the film was made here: