When you ask kids these days what they want to be when they grow up, there's a pretty good chance YouTube Star might be their answer.

There are people who make millions from their videos, but one St. Louis YouTube mom and lifestyle writer I spoke to says it's not that simple.

Danielle Smith's office is the front room of her O'Fallon, Missouri home. It’s where she spent countless nights that turned into mornings crafting her ideas into a brand. An idea now, some 10 years later, is her full-time job.

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Smith explained how easy it can be for her to shoot and produce her videos, "I attach my phone, I have a little magnet, I attach it to my mirror in my office. I make sure that I’m facing the windows."

And then she's off. Talking to her nearly 13,000 subscribers on YouTube about life, parenting, and being real.

"The beauty of YouTube is getting to see, feel, understand someone’s personality. Having that interaction and feeling as though you get to know them," Smith said.

Smith is a former news anchor, so being on camera felt natural for her. Her videos evolved over time and pretty soon she started making money. She started taking off, but she never lost sight of who she was and what her audience was looking for.

"If you figure out what speaks to the people who are listening and who are watching then you've hit a small goldmine," she said.

So, if you're thinking, I could do this, here's some advice.

"If you're wanting to get started you have to just jump in, you have to just try it, and you have to go back and watch your videos," Smith said.

Smith also has a lifestyle blog where she shares the truths about parent. You can find her at Prettyextraordinary.com.