ST. LOUIS — Good comedy is always required. People climbing on a stage and giving a piece of themselves to the audience, hoping for some appreciation in return. If there is one thing that people need to do more in the New Year, it is laugh hysterically.

I know a guy and a place that may be able to help you out this weekend.

Local comic, Yale Hollander, is hosting the popular comedy showcase, Coffee Break, at the classy Monocle. The Grove staple is a new location for the event that carries the feel of the local studio, The Gaslight, according to its host. Located at the doorstep of the Grove district, right off Kingshighway and not too far from Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, Hollander has gathered an esteemed group of funny souls.

I'm not talking about former Hollywood actors scratching the surface of an industry for some me time; this weekend, true pros are hitting the stage. Angela Smith, one of the brightest and wittiest up and coming comics in the region, headlines the event. When LouFest crash landed last September, I found solace in Smith's hilarious tweets. In one, she compared the failed outdoor event to the dubious Loop Trolley that has experienced 46 delays in operations. Smith is great and you get a full serving of her work.

Jon Venegoni, another dedicated comedian working the local stage beat, follows Smith-and a special performance from Sam Lyons finishes out the night. One would expect Hollander, who has hosted various comedy events and radio shows in the community, will make you laugh as well.

The Monocle hosted the Flyover Comedy Festival last year, and according to Hollander, the cabaret-styled showroom is outstanding for the comics and audience alike, serving up delicious cocktails at the cozy bar. Every comedy show is better with a stiff drink. You may even find me downing a glass of Kaldi's wicked good cold brew at one of the tables before I drive partying groups home from Atomic Cowboy.

The show starts at 8 p.m. and could be the perfect kickstart to your night. Start the night with laughs, get a brew at Urban Chestnut, and make your way down to the Gramophone for games, sandwiches, and more booze.

Here's the thing. Hollander is a good dude and proud ambassador of local comedy here in St. Louis. Hard-working folks like Smith, Venegoni, and Lyons scrap for their cash, and take the idea of lightening up your evening very seriously. Think of a band of musicians who don't sing classic tunes, yet try to bring something fresh to the table. It's not something anyone can do, and no one respects that more than Hollander.

"Moving the show to the Grove gives our audience an opportunity to make an evening of it," Hollander said about the event this Friday. "There are so many diverse dining options within walking distance and The Hill is a five minute or so car ride away."

This Friday, come out to the Monocle, stay classy, and laugh a little for just seven dollars in advance and ten dollars at the door. Tickets are available right here.

As the establishment advises, "come for a drink and stay for the show."