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Girl Scout transgender controversy causes cookie boycott

A California Girl Scout has called for a boycott of cookie sales, after the organization agreed to allow a transgender child in Colorado to join.

Colorado (CNN) - The transgender issue hit close to home with the Girl Scouts of Colorado only a few months ago when a 7-year-old Bobby Montoya asked to join the scouts and was eventually permitted to.

Even though he eventually chose not to join a troop, a California based group, Honest Girl Scouts, producedthe followingvideo that claims that transgender girl scouts are more common than you think.

The Colorado Girl Scout office says thereisn't any harm in the cookie boycott for them, asproceeds from cookies do not go to any national fund or agenda. Instead, they benefit local scouts, local troops, and local events.

The Colorado Girl Scout office also says transgender cases are very rare and each one is handled on a case-to-case basis, all while keeping in mind that the Girl Scouts promote themselves as an "inclusive organization that provides a caring environment."

However, they do say they do not require any proof of gender when it comes to membership. And it looks like that is where Honest Girl Scouts say there must be a change.

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