ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ill. — Numerous small power outages have been reported across the region today. In Belleville, Illinois, a limb took a power line down and started a small leaf fire where power was out for about two and a half hours.

Some people took advantage of the warmer weather and lack of power to get outside, but with the recent wet weather, the lack of power had one homeowner concerned.

Jeff Clouse checked his sump in the basement after the power had been out for a bit to find it full of water. With no power, Clouse was concerned his basement might flood. Fortunately, Ameren Illinois workers found the problem and were able to get the power restored in about three hours.

Just down the road, workers at a new motel under construction were fighting the wind gusts and making sure the new walls were secured. Minor damage has been reported, some shingles on roofs and peeled back siding.

But not everyone was bothered by the strong winds today.  Here at the Harley Davidson on Greenmount Road, they get 15% of their energy from this wind turbine in the parking lot. It takes eight mph winds to get the turbine spinning and that certainly was not been a problem Thursday.  

Since there are no leaves on the trees and power providers have been aggressive in tree trimming around power lines the past several years, the outages have been scattered.