ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The St. Louis County Health Department is warning people to be careful around wildlife after a bat tested positive for rabies.

A press release from the health department said the bat was sent off for testing last Wednesday and returned a positive test on Friday.

The release said bats are now out of hibernation and people should avoid contact with them because they may carry rabies. Additionally, the department said people should avoid any wildlife acting strangely.

If your pets can be exposed to wildlife, you should check their immunization records. Rabies can be transmitted from wildlife to pets and is almost always fatal once symptoms start showing.

If you encounter a bat in your home — dead or alive — you should call animal control at 314-615-0650 during regular business hours and 636-529-8210 after business hours.

For more information about rabies, click here. For more information about bats in St. Louis County, click here.

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