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Anne Allred: 'I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home, I know others are not'

After the first night anchoring from my basement, I have more emails and messages than I could read in a week. But I know so many of you are struggling more than me.
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ST. LOUIS — Holy “day after.” Monday night, I anchored the news from my basement and worked from home per my doctor’s orders. I always want to be transparent with all of you and I tried to do that last night on-air.

Tuesday morning I woke up to more Twitter DMs, FB messages, and emails than I can read in a week. That made me so happy.

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I had immunocompromised people, moms stuck at home, professionals stuck at home, the elderly… all types of St. Louisans saying they could relate and they were happy that I was safe. You guys made me feel cared for and showed how supportive our community can truly be. To think, you would stop your day amid all this craziness and reach out to me! Please know I am thinking of all of you and thanking you for the kind words.

But then…

NBC Nightly News interviewed me.

The Post-Dispatch, radio shows, and industry websites have reached out for interviews.

I am honestly feeling self-conscience about all the attention.

The reason? This isn’t just about me. It’s about following my doctors order.

But there are so many of you out there are suffering hardships far greater than mine. There are restaurant owners and small businesses that are thinking about permanently closing NOW because they can’t last two weeks without revenue. There are single, immunocompromised moms with three kids who are still going to work because they’ve got bills to pay. There are elderly people with no one to call or lean on, at all.

That’s unfair.

I understand how lucky I am to be working from home. So many people cannot.

I know so many of you are struggling and frustrated. I also know some people are angry about the chaos this has caused. It has already upended lives. I am praying for our community during these difficult times. Stay strong. One day at a time. We will get through this.

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