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Comedian Nikki Glaser riding out the pandemic in her childhood home in St. Louis

Glaser is still making us laugh even in this challenging time

KIRKWOOD, Mo. — Comedian Nikki Glaser can always make us laugh which means she should probably be considered an essential worker right now.

"I know that being able to laugh for me always makes me feel better. It's hard right now though," she said.

On the heels of her Netflix special, the St. Louisan was in the middle of a nationwide comedy tour and had two TV shows in development, when the pandemic hit.

"And then suddenly snap," she said, "and I am living at home in my childhood bedroom."

The Kirkwood High Graduate is in quarantine at her parents' home, where she still hosts her Sirius XM radio show every morning.

Still single, she laments what COVID-19 has done to her dating life.

"What am I supposed to say to a guy, 'What are you doing next December?" she said.

And if she ever does get married, the Coronavirus has certainly changed what she's looking for in a man.

"I used to want a guy with a job just like a nice job like handsome. Now I don't care about that stuff. I want you to be able to forge for food and like work a gun!" she jokes.

There's an irony to the dark and empty comedy clubs, like the Funny Bone where Nikki Glaser got her start.  Never have we needed laughs more than we need them now. One more reason why we can't wait until she's back on stage.

"Comics are going to find those ways to make people feel very connected in the really darkest moments of the quarantine," she said.

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