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'You think you have it rough?' | Kids quarantined with dad who is also their principal

A few southern Illinois kids are quarantined with their dad, who loves to teach math
Credit: Christine

During the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has become the new normal. Being stuck inside all the time has been difficult, especially for kids.

Kids have been out of school for weeks and have had to switch to virtual learning.

But for a few southern Illinois kids, it’s kind of like they are still in school … their dad is their principal and used to be a math teacher.

Christine shared a picture to Facebook of her husband helping her kids with their homework.

They were holding signs that read, “You think you have it rough? Try being quarantined with the principal … who loves to teach math!!!”

The post was shared more than 40,000 times, has 30,000 reactions and almost 2,000 comments.

Christine said she normally keeps her page very private but a friend of hers asked her to make the post public, and after that, it really took off.

“I had no idea it would grow so much!” she said.

She said her kids have enjoyed seeing which states and countries the post has reached, which turned into a geography lesson for them along with a lesson about social media.

Christine said her husband is still busy running what needs to be done at the school and when he gets home, it’s time for homework.

She said it’s been a huge help having him home to be able to teach them while they can’t go to school.

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