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Keeping the faith with family during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many people spend Easter with family. But as most of the country is on lockdown, staying home is more important than ever.

ST. LOUIS — Roughly 80% of Americans celebrate Easter. 

The holiday will likely feel different for all of them this year.

The CDC has warned that 25% of COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic. This means that loved ones could carry the virus without knowing.

Meantime, recent models project cases will peak in the coming days. Experts say letting our guards down now could lead to another major spike.

So, how can you make the most of the holiday? 

Many church services are streaming online. Congregations across the country report the amount of people watching online has increased. Families unable to see one another can enjoy the same service from their own homes.

Enjoy an Easter brunch with loved ones on FaceTime or Zoom. Cook a meal together or order from the same restaurant if you really want to feel like you're sharing a meal.

Virtual connection may feel silly at first, but experts like relationship coach Mika Ross say it's vital.

"It's harder than ever, but fortunately we live in a time where it might be easier than ever to stay connected," said Ross. "It's surprisingly fun. We thought it would be awkward, but it's surprisingly fun."

Even if you're lucky to be with your entire family this year, reach out to neighbors or friends who may be celebrating alone this year.


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