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Parents figuring out what to do as daycare facilities close amid COVID-19 concerns

The mayor's spokesperson told 5 On Your Side the city is currently evaluating whether to apply the 10 person rule to daycares

ST. LOUIS — Most area schools have closed for at least the rest of the month. And Wednesday afternoon, the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County announced a ban on gatherings of 10 people or more.

Through all of those changes amid coronavirus concerns, many daycares are still open.

The spokesperson for Mayor Lyda Krewson's office told 5 On Your Side the city is currently evaluating whether to apply the 10 person rule to daycares and that closing daycares is "definitely still under consideration" 

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The Downtown Children's Center said it's closing starting Thursday, like many other daycares throughout the city. 

Katie Hogan and her 14-month-old daughter will be spending a lot more time at home for the foreseeable future. 

"Ordered a lot on Amazon, so ball pits and crayons, whatever to keep her occupied and just try and go day by day," said Hogan.

Wednesday was the last day she could take her daughter to daycare at the Downtown Children's center.

"So, fortunately, they've been really great with communication, the teachers all sent us home with lesson plans, which is nice, so from now on I'm working from home," said Hogan.

Soon, more parents may be doing the same thing. 

It's why daycare workers at Urban Sprouts are packing up at-home learning kits to drop off to kids at home.

They're also wondering what happens if all day cares are forced to close.

"We don't know, we've never been put in a situation like this before," said Urban Sprouts Owner Ellicia Lanier.

Lanier's daycare is already taking unique measures to help families who have to work.

"We have closed our facility to all children except those of first responders, doctors, nurses and families in the medical field who still have to work on the front lines," she explained.

Since Hogan can take care of her daughter and work from home, she said she'll be thinking about all her other friends who can't.

"A lot of people are trying to find secondary care, whether it's family or high school and college students who are home right now," added Hogan.

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