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'Physically and emotionally exhausting' | St. Louis ER doctor talks life on the front line fighting COVID-19

Dr. Osborn is living in a camper in her driveway quarantined from her children and husband.

ST. LOUIS — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, healthcare workers like Dr. Tiffany Osborn are among those in the most danger of getting infected while trying to save lives.

"These patients are very sick," said Osborn.

Health care workers are on the front line of defense against COVID-19.

"I think what's most impactful is the stories of the people we take care of," explained Dr. Osborn.

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"I talked to a gentleman who couldn't be there when his wife was dying from this disease. You know, it's mothers, fathers and sisters and brothers, cousins and grandfathers and grandmothers," said 5 On Your Side's Brandon Merano.

"Typically, my rule is no one dies alone, and this has been really challenging from that and we are trying to do our best to work around it," said Dr. Osborn.

To do that Dr. Tiffany Osborn is using things like Zoom and FaceTime so patients can talk to their families during their final moments. 

"I believe that the heart gets it, the brain doesn't. So, I think the heart understands what the brain does, and I believe that on some level. People who are dying, even if they don't know the exact words you're saying or how long you're there, they know who's talking to them. I've seen too much not to believe that," explained Dr. Osborn.

But the fight on the front line isn't the only battle she's fighting.

"It's been physically and emotionally exhausting," she explained.

Dr. Osborn is living in a camper in her driveway quarantined from her children and husband.

"Having experience with the military and deployments this is basically her deployment for COVID-19," Dr. Osborn's husband said.

Dr. Osborn said it's more important than ever to continue social distancing.

"If I'm still living in a camper in my driveway, it's not time for us to stop the shelter in place," she said.

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Credit: KSDK

When that time comes, you can bet there will be few people more excited than Dr. Osborn.

"We're close to the end zone, don't drop the ball now," she added.

So Dr. Osborn and other healthcare workers can safely return home to their loved ones. 

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