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'I may not wake up' | Pregnant Des Peres mother nearly dies from COVID-19

Mallory Goepel was rushed to an operating room at 33 weeks for an emergency C-section
Credit: KSDK
She says she never expected someone like herself, a healthy 36-year-old, would get so sick from the virus.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A Des Peres mother is thankful she and her baby girl are alive after a terrifying battle with the coronavirus. She says she never expected someone like herself, a healthy 36-year-old, would get so sick from the virus.

Mallory Goepel is a nurse practitioner, a wife and a mother of three. She was 33 weeks pregnant with her third child when she was diagnosed with COVID-19. She got the positive test results on a Monday. She quarantined in her bedroom for six days, but her shortness of breath worsened. On Saturday, her husband drove her to the emergency room.

A few days later, her oxygen levels dropped and she was rushed to an operating room for an emergency C-section.

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Credit: Mallory Goepel.
Goepel was put under for her C-section and woke up three days later.

"It was a terrifying decision knowing that I would go under that I would be on a ventilator. You know original outcomes of being on a ventilator during this pandemic were not great. So I certainly had a fear that I may not wake up and see my family ever again, but I did," explained Mallory through tears.

Credit: Mallory Goepel
An x-ray of Goepel's lungs. As a Nurse Practitioner, she knew the white matter wasn't a good sign.

Goepel posted on Facebook that she was put under general anesthesia when they delivered her baby girl. She woke up three days later.

She wrote, “What all my doctors are saying is truly a miracle. I was taken off of the ventilator after the third day and made one heck of a turn around. I had been on continuous infusions of medicines to keep my blood pressure up, paralyze me, and keep me sedated and comfortable. I had a line in my jugular and a radial [arterial] line. I was placed in prone position (on my belly) directly out of the OR with a fresh c-section. I woke up on Sunday and began the painful journey of my further recovery.”

Credit: Mallory Goepel
The Goepel family

Goepel is sharing her story so others will know it can happen to anyone and to take this virus seriously. She's now counting her blessings being home as a family of five recovering with their new baby girl Demi.

You can read her message and wish her well on the Facebook post here.

Pregnant during a pandemic: