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'RVs 4 MDs' pairs healthcare workers with temporary homes

RV owners lend their keys to healthcare workers on the front lines fighting COVID-19, all so they can avoid exposing their families to the virus

ST. LOUIS — Healthcare workers have told 5 On Your Side one of the scariest things about COVID-19 is getting it and bringing it home to their loved ones.

Members of the Phillips family are doing what they can to limit that fear. They put a camper outside of their home. Their routine of daily dining room conversations moved curbside.

While tough, they said this short-term separation is all worth it.

"My husband is an ER doctor and he sees about 100 to 200 patients a day, and I was really worried about what he could be bringing home," said Emily Phillips.

Because of this, she and Holly Haggard started the nonprofit RVs 4 MDs.
The group works to pair healthcare workers with temporary homes away from home.

"People are helping people and not expecting anything in return, and that's what it's all about," said Phillips.

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Karen Parham is one of the 1,200 who gave up their RV keys to play their part.

"They're not paying you. You're just giving it out of your heart for someone to use," said Parham.

Someone like Sarah Willie, a certified nursing assistant who said half of the staff at her facility has tested positive for the virus.

"It's kind of been spreading like wildfire and we're trying to do the best we can," said Willie.

A front line worker, Willie requested an RV and was matched within two days.

"I didn't care if it was like a little tinfoil can I was living in, but when I say I'm blessed I got really blessed with Marty and Donna."

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It's a sacrifice no one said was easy.

"He's tired of living in the RV, to be honest with you" Phillips said.

But will be worth it once COVID-19 is in our rear view mirror.

"Stay home, wash your hands and do what you're told. Everything will be OK, everything will be OK," Willie said.

How RVs 4 MDs works:

If you have a camper to lend, you post a picture of it onto the Facebook group RVs 4 MDs along with the city and state.

Someone from that state will pair you with a healthcare worker in need in your area.

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