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Six Flags no longer requires guests to wear masks if they've been vaccinated

The amusement park is back to 100% capacity as it enters its busy season, there's no temperature checks and reservations aren't required.

EUREKA, Mo. — Six Flags St. Louis is the latest organization to relax mask requirements for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In the wake of the loosening of COVID guidelines as outlined by the CDC, Americans continue to adjust to the new normal.

In the shadow of the Screamin’ Eagle, which still gets disinfected on a regular basis, a sign outside the front gates proclaims that masks are no longer required at Six Flags St. Louis.

Spokesperson Elizabeth Gotway said: “Effective Saturday, our guests are no longer required to wear a mask if they are fully vaccinated. We’re no longer doing our temperature checks, and our guests no longer have to make a reservation to come out to the park.”

Other COVID mitigation measures — such as hand-washing stations, sanitizing stations and social-distancing reminders — remain in place throughout the park. This is the first weekend masks are not required.

“It’s going well,” Gotway said. “People are happy to be rid of their masks. We do have a few guests that are still wearing them, and that’s absolutely fine.”

Ron Landolt was not wearing a mask.

“They said up at the front that they’re not requiring them,” he said.

He was asked if he is comfortable being without one.

“Yes. I’m a nurse, so I wear them all the time at work.”

Sherry Corley was wearing a mask.

“I’m a nurse,” said Corley, “so I’m used to wearing a mask for 12 hours. I feel safer.”

Dylan Bruitt was not wearing a mask.

“I’m fully vaccinated,” he said. “I seem to be fine. I was fine before, but I just got fully vaccinated, just in case.”

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor will open Saturday, May 29, Gotway said.

Angela McCurry was wearing a mask.

“Although some people are taking the vaccine and some are not, we are still surrounding each other,” McCurry said. “So, better safe than sorry.”

Another change at Six Flags is they are no longer requiring every other row on rides to be empty. And that means shorter lines.

“Not being able to load all the seats, naturally people have to wait a little bit longer,” Gotway said. “So now that we can load everything with all our seats, it does expedite things much faster.”

Gotway said Six Flags St. Louis and its rides are back at 100% capacity. They have also moved more tables and chairs back into their restaurants. Theater shows, which were moved outdoors for social distancing, are slowly but surely being returned to their indoor venues.

Park officials are still encouraging people who are not vaccinated to wear masks.