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St. Louis 5th-grader making a difference in his neighborhood during COVID-19 pandemic

"I just really wanted to know 'How can I help people? How can I have a say in this?'" he said.

ST. LOUIS — Brekken Stoll, 10, didn't mind that Sunday was a cold, damp day.

"I kind of like the cold really," said Brekken.

Sunday afternoon the little guy was on an all-important mission with his mom.

"It's just the right thing to do," said the fifth-grader.

For days now, lots of seniors in Brekken's Fox Park Neighborhood in South St. Louis have been home-bound because of COVID-19.

"I just really wanted to know 'How can I help people? How can I have a say in this?'" said Stoll.

The concerned fifth-grader teamed up with his mom, who's a nurse.

"At her work, she's handing out masks and gloves to help people," said Brekken.

And, back in their neighborhood Brekken and his mom are handing out stickers to seniors stuck in their homes.

On the small pieces of papers, they're also leaving on doors and mailboxes, are a variety of services Krista Stoll is offering to do, free, for her neighbors in need.

"Pick up emergency supplies, take stuff to the post office, so emergency supplies could be food or medication. I will also chat with them during a friendly call because a lot of these people are lonely right now and so anything I can say just to help them feel better," said Krista Stoll.

"I just think about all the people who don't have the opportunity to help themselves," added Brekken.

Brekken's 2-year-old sister also tagged along with stickers in her hands.

As of Sunday afternoon, Brekken and his mom distributed more than 100 of the door tags to their neighbors. You bet they want to pass out more, but Brekken will tell you it's not about the numbers.

"It just makes me happy when we get to help people. I will keep doing this until the coronavirus is over or until things get better," said the fifth-grader with a smile.

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