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St. Louis area schools: What you can expect for back-to-school plans during coronavirus

For the last 14 weeks, regional superintendents have been meeting every single week to collaborate and figure out the best plan

ST. LOUIS — On Monday, we'll get an idea of what back to school will look like for children in the St. Louis region.

Most school districts in the St. Louis area will release their plans on how to deal with the coronavirus.

Education Plus CEO Paul Ziegler has been working with regional superintendents for the past 14 weeks meeting weekly. 

It's a learning lesson for all.    

The non-profit educational service agency is helping 58 area school districts from Jefferson County to St. Louis to form a plan.

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"Every plan is going to be based on the community and what they need given the resources they have," Ziegler said. "What is the best possible ways to bring kids back to school and do so in a safe manner."

While plans may look different, each district will see three commonalities:

  1. There's a preference to get students back inside the classroom
  2. Every district will also have an online component
  3. Expect changes

"Fully expect that most districts will tweak their plans in some way, shape, or form over the next five weeks," Dr. Ziegler.

For Tracy Dalton, her mind has been made up for her little one in the Hazelwood School District.

"I absolutely believe they are trying and want to keep these kids as healthy and safe as they can," Dalton said. "But I don’t care what the options are, she will not walk back into a school building this year. I can’t judge another parent and what they do I can just do what’s right for my family and my kid and what’s right for her is to keep her home." 

For Nya Perkins, a soon to be senior at Grand Center Arts Academy, she's ready to split her time.

"I would like the half and half, I can go to school certain days and stay home certain days. I’d rather be safe than sorry," Perkins.

Parents and students need to know though, the plans released on Monday are not definitive.

Ziegler said, regardless of the final report, not everyone will be on the same page.

"No matter what decision we make a portion of our community will be unhappy," he said.

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