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Pfizer pushes booster shot as COVID-19 cases rise

“At the rate it’s going we could be looking at a very large number of people becoming very ill very quickly," said Dr. Steve Lawrence

ST. LOUIS — If you got the Pfizer vaccine you may need to roll up your sleeve again sooner than you anticipated.

Pfizer’s CEO is pushing for a booster as early as August.

At the North Central Community Health Center there are signs offering free COVID-19 vaccinations, but that doesn’t mean everyone is signing up to get the shot.

“I currently am not actually,” said Christian Niere.

Niere says he is aware of the dangers of the delta variant of COVID-19.

“Personally, I haven’t had any experience with any of it but I’ve heard it’s getting worse,” said Niere.

“The delta variant is much more contagious and it’s hitting at a time when we had been backing off in the last couple of months from social distancing and masking,” said Dr. Steve Lawrence.

Dr. Steve Lawrence from Washington University says the delta variant is the driving force behind the surge in COVID-19 cases on both sides of the river.

“At the rate it’s going we could be looking at a very large number of people becoming very ill very quickly if we don’t start to stem the tide of this,” said Dr. Lawrence.

This comes as Pfizer’s CEO is warning that a third shot may be needed since the effectiveness of their vaccine starts declining after six months.

“There's new data emerging all of the time,” said Dr. Lawrence.  “What we can say right now is that for the vast majority of people with a normal immune system and under age 65 that the vaccine appears to be working extremely well even against the delta variant."

“I feel like as time goes on, and more results come out, people are going to really see the truth and that will take away the discomfort,” said Niere.

Pfizer plans to apply for approval for that third shot by mid-August, but at this time booster shots aren't recommended by the CDC or the World Health Organization.

Israel recently announced they would be administering booster shots for everyone over 60.

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