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Thousands of doses left over after COVID-19 vaccine events in Missouri

State says 47,000 vaccines were administered at events, while more than 7,700 doses were saved for use later

ST. LOUIS — Over a single week last month, thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses had to be redirected or saved after mass vaccination events across the state.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services gathered the numbers from events in the last week of February. During that time more than 47,000 vaccines were administered at 28 events. However, the data shows more than 7,700 doses were left over after the events.

The decision on what to do with the unused doses was left up to local health departments. After some events, the remaining vaccines were sent to other health departments, held for use on a later date or used to vaccinate people who missed appointments.

There were two events in the greater St. Louis area during the week in question. At the event in Farmington, all 2,480 doses were administered on Feb. 25. At a booster event in Troy, where people were being given second doses, more than 91% of the doses they received were administered. Across the state for the week, about 86% of all doses were put into arms.

Over that last week of February, 152 doses had to be thrown away, the vast majority of those coming from one event in Putnam County. The event was held in Unionville, Missouri, which has a population of around 1,800. They were sent more than 2,300 doses and used just 709 of them. They had to throw away 143 doses that could not be used.

The following five events used 100% of their allotted vaccines:

  • Farmington Civic Center, Farmington, Region C: 2,480 doses
  • Missouri Health and Wellness Center, Ava, Region G: 965 doses
  • First Baptist Church, Savannah, Region H: 2,463 doses
  • United Central Methodist, Chillicothe, Region H: 1,124 doses
  • Cowan Civic Center, Lebanon, Region I: 2,000 doses

The following five events used the lowest percentage of allotted vaccines:

  • R-1 High School, Unionville, Region B: 32.2% used
  • Knights of Columbus, Leopold, Region E: 45.6% used
  • Century Casino, Caruthersville, Region E: 74% used
  • Corcoran Ball Park, Anderson, Region D: 74% used
  • The Crossings Church, Kirksville, Region B: 75.5%

Governor Mike Parson announced that the state will increase the number of mass vaccination events the St. Louis region.

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