ST. LOUIS — It's fast and simple.

"You really can access it easily on your phone, on your i-pad or any kind of computer," said Elizabeth Tucker, Co-founder of

And it's just that easy - you can click on and start helping a long list of small businesses in the St. Louis region that are trying to survive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of the business owners have been hit hard in the wake of COVID-19.

Elizabeth Tucker and her business partner, Attilio D'Augustino are crossing their fingers their new website will help soften the blows.

"It's a way for people to really easily show these business owners who are a big fabric of our community and who are struggling during these changing times, that we really do support them," said Tucker.

For example, if you want food delivered, need a groomer for your pet or in desperate need of household supplies, you can go to, surf through the website and place your order.

"A majority of the businesses on the website so far are restaurants, but we have a variety of shops and retailers. We want to make sure our family, friends and fellow small businesses are supported during these challenging times, " added Elizabeth Tucker.

So far, Pappy's Smokehouse, Sybergs and Second Shift Brewing are just some of the more than 400 small businesses listed on the new website, which is like a digital directory.

"We really wanted to be here to make people have the ability to food," said Tom Agusti, General Manager at Pappy's Smokehouse.

A website, now connecting business owners and the people they serve, amid a global health-crisis.

"We just launched it and, so far, it is a big success. We want to do everything we can on our end to help them so we all make it through this," said Attilio D'Agostino.


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