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How to sleep your way to success in 2020

How to conquer your 2020 goals with your eyes closed

ST. LOUIS — One of the top resolutions people make in the new year is to be healthier, and one of the most important things you can do for yourself as part of that goal is to make sleep a priority.


Sleep is essentially when your body rebuilds and regenerates, and when your mind regulates your mood and emotions, and rewires for better learning and memory. You can wake up feeling better and ready to conquer your goals… and you'll have the energy to go after them.

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Here are some ways to ease the nighttime anxiety that often keeps people awake:

-Write your worries on paper: Writing those down helps calm the mind.
-Read, but not on your phone or a screen. An old-fashioned book can be wonderfully distracting.
-Practice good sleep hygiene: That means, take a nice warm shower, go to bed clean, keep your bedroom cool and completely dark.
-Relax your body by tightening and releasing each muscle group, from your feet to your head. It'll help you fall asleep.

How else can you change your routine to sleep better?

Keep roughly the same bedtime on weekends so your body clock stays regular, and don't build up "sleep debt."

You can't really make up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping in on weekends. If you exercise and eat well, it's easier to fall asleep. Same goes for avoiding caffeine, which stays in your system for hours, after lunchtime.