You might be one of millions of people who started the year with a goal to lose weight to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

There are so many different diets and approaches to accomplishing this goal that it can be tough to sort through what works and what doesn't. Mayo Clinic experts have come up with some facts to help.

Myth #1 -- Losing weight fast means you'll regain. Actually many studies show the opposite. It seems a jump start is linked with long-term success.

Myth #2 -- Snacks make you gain. Reality is snacking with fiber-rich healthy fruits and vegetables fill you up and are lower in calories.

Myth #3 -- Adding muscle is an effective weight loss strategy. It's true, strength training has benefits. But the boost to your metabolism isn't enough for major weight loss.

Myth #4 -- It's tough to keep weight off because losing slows metabolism. Metabolism does slow a bit as you lose, but adding some physical activity can make up the difference.

Myth #5 -- Diet soda helps cut calories. That's a big no. Diet drinks are linked to weight gain instead. A refreshing alternative might be bubbly water over mint and cucumbers.

Myth # 6 -- You can lose weight with exercise alone. Bottom line: you need exercise and fewer calories to lose and keep weight off.