ST. LOUIS — Addiction centers throughout the area may soon run out of money, and part of the problem is the two words that have been dominating the headlines lately: government shutdown.

Joe Brennan, a father and former addict says something needs to be done, and quick.

"Who's going to run this country down the road? We are going to lose our greatest resource that we have in this whole country, and that's our kids and they're dying very fast," Brennan said.

Brennan would know, he almost lost his daughter to heroin addiction. 

A sobering experience, especially for a former addict.

"I've been in long term recovery since '05 and it wasn't heroin it was crack cocaine," explained Brennan.

Thanks to treatment programs, Joe, his girlfriend, and his daughter are now sober.

"We have the police coming to our house and it's OK now, and nobody is running out the back door," Brennan joked.

But money is running out at treatment centers throughout the metro, and with the government shut down it's unclear if more money is on the way.

"Well between the wall and the shutdown I don't know if they're worried about my kid or not anymore Brandon, I don't know," Brennan said.

The director of Gateway St. Louis says right now treatment centers are operating normally.

She added the Metro East has seen an unusually high number of addiction cases this year, which also contributes to the funding issue.