WEBSTER GROVES, Mo, — It is a simple, three-minute procedure. And for one St. Louis high schooler, it quite possibly could save his life.

Will Ohler needs a bone marrow transplant. So, with a quick swab of the cheek, you could be the match this young man desperately needs.

Ohler is a senior at Lindbergh High School and a star goalie on the soccer field. He is also battling his second round of Leukemia. His sister is donating her bone marrow, but she is only a half-match. So, the procedure to transfer the bone marrow is a temporary fix.

While the family is together at the hospital, their community collected cheek swabs and raffle tickets to raise money for Ohler's recovery and, hopefully, find him a match to last a lifetime.

"It's amazing that something, in 3 minutes, can make a difference between a life and a death," said Katie Zaitz-Fink, who is one of the community organizers of Wednesday's fundraiser.

The fundraiser is being held until 9 P.M. at four Joe Bacardi locations. Those include Webster Groves, Eureka, Fenton and Columbia, Illinois.