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What is Juul and what is the harm?

Andy Crouppen, of Brown & Crouppen, has information on the dangers of e-cigarettes and Juuls.

ST. LOUIS — Although smoking has declined, e-cigarettes are a booming industry. One brand you may have heard about is Juul. Andy Crouppen, of Brown & Crouppen, is here to tell us what we need to know.

First off, Andy is amazed that society is here again learning about the dangers of smoking. He says that Juul came about seemingly overnight and got cigarettes essentially back into the hands of teenagers. Juul makes a small electronic device that is easy to conceal, and it looks kind of “techy.” These devices are everywhere in schools now.

So who is this device designed for? The companies will say that these devices are for adults who want to quit smoking. However, the ads are mainly put out on social media using young and attractive looking models. Andy says that in the beginning, some schools even let e-cigarettes in for presentations saying that these devices would be approved by the FDA. Now, Juul has taken oven almost 70% of the e-cigarette market.

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. - At Parkway West High School, it is Savannah Araya's mission to help keep her fellow students safe. "One thing my mom has always taught me is that you have to connect, rather than correct," said Araya, a high school senior.

Juuls contain nicotine, so they are highly addictive. There have also been a lot of objective injuries linked to Juul usage. Andy makes sure to clarify that he is not saying Juul is responsible for the deaths that have been in the news recently, though. High levels of nicotine in and of itself can cause serious health problems, too.

Andy says to simply stay away from e-cigarettes and Juuls, and to keep an eye on your kids. Be sure to educate them about the dangers of any type of smoking.

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