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Survivors share memories of 1973 crash of Flight 809 that killed 38 near St. Louis

The plane crashed in Normandy, Missouri, killing 38 people.

Justina Coronel (KSDK)

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Published: 5:03 PM CDT July 22, 2022
Updated: 5:23 PM CDT July 22, 2022

It’s the worst plane crash in St. Louis history.

On July 23, 1973, Ozark Airlines Flight 809 was a little less than three miles from Lambert Airport when it disappeared from radar.

Forty-four people were on board.

Bystanders on the ground saw the plane go down. From inside the plane, passengers Stu Sikes, 30, and Tanzi Cordin, 7, watched their worlds fall apart.

They were among the six who survived that day.

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