ST. LOUIS — Some small business owners don't want a repeat of last weekend.

Most of us were on the couch watching Netflix and football, and that means our favorite restaurants were losing money.

"I don't even like talking about it,” said Rick Lewis, owner of Grace Meat + Three in the Grove.

The snow was no good for him.

"Friday, we were down like 75 percent and then we didn't even get open on Saturday, so that was pretty rough,” he said.

Now he’s worried it just might happen again.

"People tend to hunker down, they don't go out as much and it's unfortunate because we've got perfect cold weather food for everybody,” he said.

But customers didn’t stay away from Westlake Ace Hardware in Brentwood.

General Manager Brett Gillium is ready to sell his new inventory of shovels and sleds after the rush a week ago.

"We had them about 10 o’clock in the morning, and that's when they all sold out, but we got a lot more for this go,” he said.

He's excited.

"It’s great chaos, great for our economy because you know everybody's coming and spending,” he said.

Back at Grace Meat + Three, Lewis just hopes people choose to spend at his and other restaurants this time.