CLARKSVILLE, Mo. — In Clarksville, crews worked through the night Thursday to add more sandbags to the wall protecting the historic town, fearing the flood could top the level from 1993.

"The conditions keep changing and it's been very hard for the forecasters to keep up,” Bruce Bailey with Americorps St. Louis said.

The latest forecast has the flood coming within an inch of the 1993 record. Americorps' Bruce Bailey never thought he'd see that again.

"I think it could top that historic record tomorrow,” he said.

To prepare, crews from Americorps and the National Guard were planning to add another foot to the sandbag wall around downtown.

"If it disappears you can't just go back and replace it," he said.

But prioritizing history means sacrificing the homes nearly.

"My hot tub is floating,” Al Boatman said.

Boatman owns one of those homes where the water is rising. But he's staying.

"I'm not moving,” he said. "I've been through worse than this,” he said, recalling his days serving in Vietnam.

He said he's already planning the clean-up. Americorps promises to help.

"We're going to make sure they're not left behind,” Bailey said.